Diane graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a degree in business studies. After working as a financial analyst for 5 years she decided to pursue a career doing what she really loved – photography. Over the past 7 years she has mentored with some of the world’s finest photographers and has attended many seminars to continually develop her skills.

Diane has been working with us as a lead photographer since 2003 and thoroughly enjoys photographing weddings. She is outgoing, friendly, patient & creative and has a keen eye for detail. She simply loves photography and feels honored in her role of documenting one of the most important memories of your life. For her, photography will never be a job; it is a passion.

Diane’s other passion is animals and she spends much time photographing pets, dog shows and horse shows. Her animal photography has won several national awards and has been published in several books, calendars and magazines.

When not photographing, she enjoys hiking with her dogs as well as spending time with her husband and son, Blake.